MicroAire PAL System Brings Revolution in Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction, also known as lipo, is a cosmetic surgery that removes the excess fat tissues from the body. The surgery can be performed under local, general or regional anesthesia. Lipo involves using a cannula inserted through the skin to a particular stomach, thighs, or hips, which uses pressure to suck out the fat. People opt for liposuction to enhance their body features and reconstruct some shape.

With recent advancements in technology, MicroAire PAL (Power-Assisted Liposuction) System has brought tremendous changes while conducting liposuction surgery. It is a lightweight and handheld device with high-quality stainless steel cannulas with an electric console. MicroAire is a fast, convenient tool that can extract small to large volumes of fat cells and give a contoured shape to the body. Let’s check out the features of the MicroAire PAL system-

Anesthesia- the PAL requires general anesthesia to conduct lipo surgery. It is recommended for those with large amounts of fat and are scared about the procedure and would not like to wake up during the surgery. Plus, general anesthesia helps remove anxiety and discomfort, though general anesthesia can cause side effects after the surgery, such as nausea, headaches, and confusion. But don’t worry, nowadays doctors conduct anesthesia tests beforehand to ensure that you are perfectly fit to take anesthesia.

Easy Available – MicroAire PAL System Supplier and Top Medical Device Distribution Company have made MicroAire PAL system accessible to every hospital. The best Best Medical Device Supplier in Singapore made sure to provide this technology to every clinic and hospital worldwide that is into liposuction.

Incisions and Scarring – Small incisions in the target area, are required for PAL, ensuring minimal and unnoticeable scarring. As a result, the noticeable scare fades over some time.

Fast – MicroAire PAL reduces up to 31% volume of fat per minute, leading to a 35% decrease in the procedure time. PAL is suitable if you have a large quantity of fat or have done liposuction previously.

Results – After the liposuction treatment, the swelling reduces within a few weeks, and you appear much leaner. But for patients, need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise as it can cause fat growth at a much faster rate.

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The Advancement in Liposuction Equipment | Singphil Medical Supply

In layman language, liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that involves the removal of excessive fat tissues from inside of the body, giving a more structured and contour look. People opt for lipo because they desire to look in a certain way, and many times exercise, and exercise proper diet doesn’t give that result. There are many MicroAire Medical Devices Suppliers that you can choose from.

Today we will discuss various Liposuction equipment that multiple surgeons around the world use-

UAL Liposuction – Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction (UAL) involves ultrasound energy to allow selective tissue lipolysis. It is a two-step process that involves an ultrasonic probe followed by a traditional suction-assisted lipectomy (SAL). The ultrasonic probe is generated by converting electrical energy to mechanical energy. The oscillating sound wave produces a negative pressure that leads to cellular fragmentation. SAL decreases blood loss and less pain to the patients. However, this technology is pricy and can cause thermal burns.

Power Assisted Liposuction – PAL liposuction device decreases the overall operator fatigue. It is becoming quite popular among surgeons as the cannula breaks up fibrous fat much more readily than traditional SAL. Furthermore, there is less plugging/congestion of the cannula due to constant motion and vibration of the suction cannula. It’s less labor-intensive and takes less time to perform surgery.

Laser-Assisted Liposuction – LAL utilizes the principles of selective photothermolysis to lyse adipocytes while leaving surrounding structures unaffected preferentially. 46 Different laser wavelengths may vary in their relative effectiveness in targeting substances present in the subcutaneous environment, including collagen, fat, vascular systems, hemoglobin, and water. The laser energy reduces recovery time and creates less surrounding tissue damage when compared to traditional liposuction.

Aspirator Device – The “holy grail” for body-sculpting technology is a non-invasive technology that minimizes tissue morbidity, decreases downtime, and increases skin contraction/tightening, which lessens the need for skin excision by way of surgical intervention. This has led to a new industry: noninvasive body contouring. The technology and products are beyond this liposuction technology update report; however, these nonsurgical adipose reducing techniques are on the horizon and available. The indications and outcomes are entirely different than liposuction, and therefore, are not comparable.

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Classification of Quality Medical Devices by Singphil Medical Supply

Medical devices are useful to detect several kinds of health conditions in the medical field. From medical thermometers to check the body temperature, tongue depressors for blood glucose monitoring and much more products are there which are of high significance in the medical field.

And to ensure the quality, effectiveness and easy to use features, the devices are needed to be tested as per medical regulatory authorities active in different countries. And according to such bodies, different classes are fixed for different kinds of medical equipments.

Classification of medical devices can be described under the following classes:

Class 1:

Products belong to this class is also called as products of general controls. The class deals the products with lowest risk like surgical instruments, laboratory culture media and much more. Certain provisions are there for products of this class. Such provisions include misbranding, adulteration, device registration and listing, banned devices, misbranding, premarket notification, notification like replacement, repair, restricted devices, records and reports and various good manufacturing practices. Class I devices are known to not offer potential unreasonable risk of injury or illness. Elastic bandages, hand-held surgical instruments and examination gloves are some examples of hand-held surgical instruments of Class 2.

Class 2:

Products of Class 2 are known to come with low risk and to ensure the quality, effectiveness of products, general controls are insufficient. These products are subjected to special controls to provide such assurances. Special controls include mandatory performance standards, special labeling requirements, post market surveillance. Devices in Class 2 are meant to serve the medical field without causing injury to patient or the user of device. Powered wheelchairs, surgical drapes, infusion pumps, pregnancy test kits and ultrasound scanners are major examples of Class 2 medical devices.

Class 3:

To assure safety and effectiveness, premarket approval as well as scientific review is required for devices other than general and special controls. Class 3 devices are known to support sustenance of human life and are essential to prevent impairment of human health and offer unreasonable risk of illness or injury. Examples of devices which require premarket notification includes implantable pacemaker, HIV diagnostic tests, pulse generators, end osseous implants, automated external defibrillators and much more.

And devices of any of these classes need to get registered with the help of professional medical device consultants before they are presented in the world market as registration describes that devices are safe, effective and easy to use.

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7 Things to Know About Liposuction | SingPhil Medical Supply

The ubiquity of plastic medical procedure systems continues to increase. Within this number, liposuction addresses near a quarter-million instances and a 5 percent ascend over the course of the year. Following are the 7 most significant things to think about this increasingly famous and normal plastic medical procedure method.

1. What Is Conventional Liposuction?

Liposuction (otherwise called liposculpture) is a surgery that separates and eliminates the subcutaneous fat layer (fat simply under the skin) in pieces of the body that are famously and obstinately impervious to consume less calories and exercise. This isn’t a weight reduction methodology; instead, it is a way of removing a pocket of fat that isn’t responsive in any case sound individuals.

2. Where is Liposuction be Performed?

Some normal “issue” spaces of the body where liposuction is performed includes:

  • Twofold Chin
  • Back of Neck
  • Lower part of Upper Arms
  • Female Breasts
  • External Thighs or Saddlebags
  • Bra Strap Area
  • Mid-region or Belly Pooch
  • Muffin Top
  • Love Handles
  • Male Breasts

More uncommon regions include the lower legs, inner thigh and upper back. The ideal region for every individual is novel, as every individual reacts to abstain from food and exercise in an unexpected way.

3. What Makes An Optimal Possibility For The System?

The best contender for liposuction is sound individuals at or near their objective weight. They are additionally nonsmokers.

Ideal patients have difficult subcutaneous fat, in which fat dwells among muscle and skin, and not instinctive fat in which the layer of fat lives underneath the muscle layer around the abdominal organs.

4. Is Liposuction A Weight Reduction Technique? What Amount Fat Can Be Eliminated?

In spite of prevalent thinking, liposuction isn’t a weight reduction treatment. Instead, it is a fat decrease system. The measure of fat that can be taken out in a space during a single method will fluctuate depending on an assortment of components, including the specialist’s appraisal of the patient’s wellbeing and their tasteful objectives.

5. What Occurs During The Method? How Could It Be Performed?

Liposuction is a surgery that involves making little incisions in the skin and inserting an apparatus called a cannula into the fat pocket. This cannula is joined to a pull gadget or a syringe to extricate the fat.

This is normally an outpatient medical procedure, so while patients might be put under broad sedation they are regularly permitted to return home that very day as the medical procedure.

6. What Kind Of Scarring Is Normal After The Method?

The cannula is a little instrument, and along these lines, the scars are little also. The quantity of scars depends on the quantity of insertion points expected to address the region. Scarring likewise changes depending on the patient’s skin quality. Specialists will examine area and the manners by which they can minimize the presence of scarring.

7. What Kind Of Results Should A Patient Expect After The Technique?

Plastic Surgeons can assist you with anticipating and envision sensible outcomes. Following a medical procedure, there will be some swelling and the skin might be free. In view of this it can require a little while to months to see the full degree of the aftereffects of the system.

The fat cells eliminated during liposuction are forever taken out. Note, notwithstanding, that patients can in any case gain new fat cells, so following a solid eating routine, way of life and exercise plan after treatment can assist with preventing new fat gain.

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